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Recorded 24 March 2017

Doug Comella Dad's WWII Purple Heart image is posted.
Scroll to about the middle of the page. Click HERE!
Recorded 24 March 2017

View a "New", (sort of) WWII propaganda poster. Click HERE.
Recorded 24 March 2017

Our 2017 Reunion Page is open.
Recorded 8 February 2017

View a 1953 picture of the USS Helena (CA-75) being refueled.
Recorded 8 February 2017

Our on-line January 2017 Newsletter, now open.
Recorded 8 February 2017

Enjoy the color and light humor as Doug participates in the
Diamond Head Luau
Recorded 31 January 2017

A new link has been added to Doug Comella's page.
Punchbowl Cemetery.
Recorded 28 January 2017

Doug Comella received 4 old pictures from Joe this past summer.

Joseph W. Desch, Jr.
USS Helena CL-50 has passed away.
Recorded 14 January 2017

Do you know about the Red Hill Storage Tanks facility?
Located in
Recorded 13 January 201


Doug Comella's page continues to expand.
To reach his index page,
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Recorded 30 December 2016.

Two new pictures, added to Captain Spring's Bio page.
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Recorded 29 December 2016.

The" Ships of the Memorial Fleet"--- Destroyers and Submarines links are now complete
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Recorded 26 December 2016.

View a another new link on our Home page. Ships of the Memorial Fleet
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Recorded 18 December 2016.

View a new link on our Home page. US Navy Museums
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Recorded 16 December 2016.

Our Doug Comella page continues to grow. When opened
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Recorded 14 December 2016.

Follow Doug Comella when he visited the Pearl Harbor 75th activites.
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View and listen to the 75th Pearl Harbor tribute, by the US Naval Academy Glee Club.
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View a 75th Pearl Harbor "Anniversary Coin".
Recorded 3 November 2016.

We now have a newly installed web page hit counter.
It can be seen at the bottom of our USS Helena Home page.
Recorded 16 October 2016

Please check you membership card for renewal details.
Recorded 15 October 2016

Another new link for our CL-50 web page.
List of United States Navy and Coast Guard ships lost during World War II,
Recorded 14 October 2016

We have a new web link. It can be found at the bottom center of our CL-50 page.
"THE SHIPS and AIRCRAFT of the U. S. Fleet. 1939."
Recorded 5 October 2016.

"TRADITIONS of the NAVY" is complete, up and running. Click HERE.
Recorded 5 October 2016

Take a trip down memory lane. Visit a Mini-reunion back in 2006.
Recorded 3 October 2016.

View updates for then Captain Kauffman. Click HERE!
Recorded on 2 September 2016.

We have a new link on the USS Helena CA-75 Home page.
View this link on the upper left side of the page after it opens.

Shipmate James G. (Red) Layton, USS Helena CL-50, has passed away.
Recorded 3 July 2016.

James Hornfischer's new book to be released on October 25, 2016
THE FLEET AT FLOOD TIDE: America at Total War in the Pacific.
Books Index
Recorded 29 June 2016.

Found----4 more WWII posters.The first 4 images when the page loads.
Recorded 13 June 2016.

Shipmate Paul A. Benko, USS Helena CL-50, has passed away.
Recorded 21 April 2016.

Shipmate Edward F. Borucki, USS Helena CL-50, has passed away.
Recorded 28 March 2016.

Found on YouTube.
2 videos from when President Eisenhower was on the CA-75.
Please read the explanation/caveat before opening each video.
Recorded 16 March 2016.

Found on ebay. USS Helena CL-50 Cachet
Donated by Dave Brouchoud (first cachet when the page opens)
Recorded 18 February 2016.

Found on ebay. 5 colored post cards from 1924.
Sent by a crew member of the USS Helena PG9.
Recorded 6 February 2016.

Found at a rummage. American Flag placemats.
Recorded 17 January 2016.

Our on-line December 2015 Newsletter, now open.
Recorded 1 January 2016.

"The Old Sailor". Recorded 12 December 2015.

Robert Plake's "Newspaper Clippings" page now complete.
Recorded 4 December 2015

We have a new CA-75 "Collection". SN Robert A. Plake.
Recorded 2 December 2015.

Reunion 2015 Memorial Luncheon, 2 pages now open. Click HERE!
Recorded 25 November 2015.

Reunion 2015 BBQ, 3 pages now open. Click HERE!
Recorded 20 November 2015.

We have posted a new link to our Home Page.
It is called One Life. One Flag. One Mile. Inspiring!
Recorded 19 November 2015.

Another CA-75 eBay item found. The Captains Mess "Ash Tray".
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Recorded 17 November 2015.

Reunion 2015 BBQ has a start and is under construction.
Come back often to see updates. When complete we think it will be 4 pages.
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Recorded 17 November 2015.

Reunion 2015 will continue, but for now, visit the LARGE" POW/MIA" flag ceremony.
Thanks to Shipmate Vic Brelje for sharing the story and pictures.
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Recorded 17 November 2015.

Reunion 2015 Hospitality Room posted. Click HERE!
Recorded 12 November 2015.

Reunion 2015. 8 New links posted. View them all, click HERE!
Recorded 11 November 2015.

Reunion 2015--Our "USS Salem CA-139" link is open. Click HERE!
Recorded 26 October 2015.

Did you know that there was another Helena at the same time as the FG9?
Here's the story of the SP-24 Helena 1.

From: Dictionary of American Fighting Ships

Helena I

(SP - 24: dp. 9; l. 43'; b. 10'; dr. 3'; s. 10 k.; a. 1 mg.)

Helena I, a wooden motor yacht, was built in 1906 by Van Sant Brothers,
of Port Republic, N.J., and acquired by the Navy from Dr. W. G. Hall, Trenton, N.J.,
in May 1917. Assigned to the 7th Naval District, she was taken to Key West, Fla.,
and commissioned there 7 September 1917, Otis Curry, QM 2/c in command.

Helena I operated as a harbor and coastal patrol boat in the vicinity of Key West
until being decommissioned and sold 27 August 1919. Before she could be
delivered to her new owner, however, the boat was wrecked 11 September 1919
in a hurricane, and was stricken from the Navy List 4 October 1919.

Transcribed by Yves HUBERT (hubertypc@aol.com)


The name Helena was assigned to, but construction on that hull was cancelled 5 October 1944.