Member's Stories

(Updated on 2 December 2016)

Most of the following stories were recorded in 1994, from Bill Henderson's book
"Escape From The Sea".

Walter Wendt's story was recorded by the Lakeland Times Newspaper.

Jim McClelland's story was furnished by his brother Charles McClelland.

E. E. Lajeunesse story provided by himself.

Joe Desch story provided by himself.

Herman Dumler's story was furnished by his son Tim Dumler.

Terry Dempsey's story was furnished by Joe Desch.

Chester Biernacki's story provided by himself.

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DeForest Ary

Chester Biernacki

Bill Bunker

Frank Cellozzi

John Chew

Lt. Jg. D. Binion Cochran

Lt Victor Cooper

William Davis

Terry Dempsey

Joe Desch Jr.

Eugene Dilts

Preston Douglas

Herman A. Dumler

William G. Hawke

Bill Henderson


Charles Horner

James Layton

E. E. Lajeunesse

Nicholas Lenden

Charles McClelland

Jim McClelland

James J. Ryan


Henry A. Sarwine

Kenneth L. Schank

C. W. (Dutch) Schultz, Jr.

Paul Weisenberger

Walter Wendt

Fred Wenzel

Shipmates from Bill Henderson's book.

Left to Right
Bill Bunker Y2cl, Andy Banchero SK2cl, Gene Green SM2cl, Charles Cook SF2cl