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This story, written by Chace Anderson, appeared in the Summer 2014 issue of Friends and Neighbors Magazine.
Video by Adia White

Shipmate Chester J. Biernacki, served on the USS Helena CL-50, 1940 - 1943.
He was assigned to the 4th Division as a BM3

Boatswain's Mate (BM)

BM3 Biernacki survived the December 7, 1941 attack by the Japanese, at Pearl Harbor
the sinking of the ship in 1943

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Hi Guys -----74 years ago , me and Frenchy went through Boot Camp at Newport , RI.
We then we went aboard the Helena CL 50 in October 1940, 74 years ago when the Helena came to the west coast at Long Beach.
I was assigned to the Deck Force --------Frenchy went to the Black Gang. We went through Pearl Harbor together and Kula Gulf.
Then would you believe, after 71 years, 3 mo. and 1 week we got together at the" BLACK OAK CASINO" here in Calif.
The Dinner, Drinks, Service were from -----Excellent to Fantastic. The Casino made sure our night was something Special.
There are not to many of us "Ole Hands" left. I wish that there was a way that the ones that are still here could get together for a LAST HURRAH
---------------Eugene Lajeunesse--------mateeel@aol.com----------- me skinellie@mlode.com
Hope you don't mind I just wanted to share this SKI

Chester J. Biernacki and family, pictures on Face Book

Guess what------------{Me & Frenchy the hand in the middle}------went aboard ship 74 years ago Oct 1940
and were in Pearl Harbor together and were aboard in the Battle of Kula Gulf when the
Helena was sunk July 6th 1943.
We hadn't seen each other since & 71 years 3 months & 1 week later, we meet at the Black Oak casino for dinner.

The gentleman on the right is from Florida, a Vietnam Vet who wanted a photo of us. Cool Huh?

Charlie Cioffi-on-left, Ski-on-right, Bergstrom-at-center.


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