April 1951-----------------------------------U.S.S. HELENA (CA-75)-----------------------------------At Sea


Reviewing briefly, the events
on board the HELENA since the last
issue of the "Lookout" at Christ-
­mastime, these past three months
seem to have slipped by rapidly.
For instance, it was in January
that men were attending the review
courses in military requirements,
preparing themselves for the petty
officer examinations to be held
the same month, Other men were at-
tending the Fire-fighting school
at Treasure Island, some the sch­ool
of Telephone Talkers, and others
were enrolled in the Food-
Handling School. It was in Jan­uary
too, that many men donated a
pint of blood to the blood Donors
Bank there at the San Francisco
Naval Shipyard. The Shipyard's
Medical Officer, Captain C.R.
Tatum, sent a "Well Done", to all
who donated their blood to this
worthiest of causes.

All to rapidly, it seemed, the
month passed by with events such
as the annual chest x-ray's that
were taken by the mobile unit on
the pier, and with the distribut­ion
of income tax forms by the
Disbursing Officer,

It was the work and the
ach­ievements of many instructors that
made the intensified training sch­edule
successful. Regular classes
became a daily routine and there
was ample opportunity for every-
one to take advantage of the cour­ses
scheduled,. Even the landing force
was not excluded from drill­ing
regularly and being instructed
in their duties,

Yet., throughout these days of
work, there was still time for
lib­erty and recreation, The Chaplain
and his assistants of the Recrea­tion
Committee had planned some memorable
parties that were well attended by all

Some men from the HELENA were
transferred to key positions else-
where. However, a new draft of men
from Great Lakes quickly filled
their billets It was about this
time, also, that CPO examinations
were given in all rates.

Sea trials and compass impres­-
sed everyone that the yard period.
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Rear Admiral R. E. Libby Inspection the Marines
during a surprise Admiral's Inspection.


"In recognition of the high standing
attained by that ship in the Engineering phase
of the Bat­tle Efficiency Competition during fiscal
a Battle Efficiency plaque was presented to the
U.S.S. HELENA on February 24, 1951 by Rear
Admiral R. E. Libby, USN, Commander Cruiser
Division THREE. Captain H.O. Larson, Comm-
anding Officer of the HELENA received the
award for the ship, who in turn presented it to
LCDR M.S. Keirstead, Chief Engineer.

In addition to the plaque, individual comm-
­endations were awarded to D.L. Bailey, MMC,
W.E. Clark MMC, F C. Sidebottom., BTC,
J. W, Starkie, MEC, W. C. Bleiler, FP1,
D.A. Engler, BT1, W. F. Giles, ME1, P. W. Hite,
EMI, O.F. Kilbey, BT1, T. J. McDowell, EM1,
J. G. Saltalamacchia, Jr. ME1, N.E. Windsor,
ME1, S. J. Youskites, BT1, W. Patterson, MM2,
R. E. Stover, BT2, L. H. Belonged, EM3.

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Since the last edition
of the "Lookout", approx-
­imately 60 men have been
received from the Naval
Training Center, Great
Lakes, and slightly over
100 men from NTC, San Diego
bringing the total number
now attached to the HELENA
including officers. flag
and marines, to nearly 1600,

In addition to the
large draft of enlisted
men, eight new officers
have reported aboard for

Reporting aboard from
the Naval Proving Ground
White Sands, NM.., LCDR
C. D. Anderson relieved
LCDR D A. Dertien, who was
ordered to the Bureau of
Naval Personnel, Washington
D. C. Formerly attached to
the Naval Communication Cen-
ter, Kodiak, Alaska, Lt.
G.L. Clark reported aboard
as Flag Communication Off-
­icer, relieving LCDR D.H.
Jennings. CHSCLK L.L. Wynn,
Reported from the Naval Air
Station, Point Mugu, Calif.,
relieving CHSCLK F. C. Reynolds
as Ship's Secretary, and
Gunner R.S. Marshall reported
from the Receiving Station,
San Diego, to relieve CHGUN
O. E. Cockerham.

Members of the Naval Res
erve recently recalled are
LT. D. A. Hilton, 2nd Div. Off
icer and Rad-Defense 0fficer
LT. G. H. Ewbank, Radio Officer
LT. L.E. Case, First Div.
Officer, LT. J. W. Davis, CIC
Officer under instruction,
and LTJG R. J. Banghart, Assit.
Supply Officer and S-i1Div.

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Do you know how to drive a
baby buggy, just tickle its
little feet"

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