The following pictures were taken at the 2003 Helena Reunion, Dallas, TX
Page updated 1 November 2009

Left to right: Bob Cordier, Dale Richart, Joe Garrett, Randy Turner, Vic Brelje, Bill "Hank" Henry.
All of these guys were in the OR Division ranging from 1950 to 1958.

Same crew, different pose.

Left to right: Wesley Shangraw, Paul Irvin, Tom White, Randy Turner, Vic Brelje.
All are OR Division in the same time frame except Paul Irvin, who was in B Division from 4/51--5/54

Same crew, with their wives.
L - R
Stephanie Shangraw, Nadine Turner, Betty Brelje, Carol White.

Bob and Margaret Cordier

Vic and Betty Brelje

Wes and Stephanie Shangraw

Randy and Nadine Turner

Tom and Carol White

Reunion 2005

Reunion 2005a

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