Pictures from the USS Helena 2005 Reunion.

Richard Renbarger-MSG USMC (RET)
USS Helena CA-75. 1951 - 1952

At Entrance to Banquet Hall

Left to right
Sam and Jo Rizza, Harold and Helen Zimmerman,
Pat and Charles Eubanks

Navy Tribute

The above four pictures provided by Harold Zimmerman-USS Helena CA-75, 1959 - 1960.

L to R
Bill Bunker, James's Granddaughter Katie, James Layton

L to R
Dr. Donald Nelson, James Layton, Bob Behrenshausen,
Jame's Granddaughter-Courtney Layton

The seven pictures below, were provided by Ernestine Mello. She is the niece of Luke Ernest "Chuck" O'Connor. USS Helena CL-50

USS Helena CL-50 Crew Members
USS Helena CL-50 & Pearl Harbor Survivors

L to R
Pat Starnes, Lois Starnes, Shirley Smith, Nadine, Herb Johnston (partly hidden), Dave Cadora, Earl Caudle, Katherine Caudle

Left to right
Herb Johnston and Nadine. Katherine and Earl Caudle
Herb. CA-75 "N" QM3 Dec 51 - Sep 55
Earl. CA-75 "3rd' GM3 51 - 54

Left to Right
Dave Cadora, Shirley Smith, Lois and Pat Starnes.
Pat. CA-75 "N" Oct 52 - Jun 55
Dave. CA-75 "N" QM1 Jan 51 - Sep 54

Harold Mainer - Russellville, Ark.
USS Helena CL-50. November 1940 - July 1943
2nd Division BM1

The following 4 photos are of pictures displayed at the reunion.
Provided here by Vic Brelje. USS Helena CA-75. November 1954 - October 1957. "OR" Division, RM3.

Donald R. Hyatt

Left to Right-- Hillis, D.B. Cullen, C.R. Shultz, B.A. Thurber, Noel

Randy Turner's Memorabilia Piece

Left to Right
Don Krist, Rene James, Vic Brelje, W.P. Strenkert,
Randy Turner, Robert Pendgrass, Gary Roth

Reunion 2005

Reunions Past