1999 Helena Reunion.
Little Creek, VA

The following 3 pictures donated by Shipmate Joe Desch, USS Helena CL-50.

CL-50 Shipmates pose for the camera.

Holiday Inn lobby at the 1999 Helena Reunion

The following pictures were taken by Shipmate Harold Zimmerman, USS Helena CA-75

Lobby of the Holiday Inn

Helen and Harold Zimmerman

L to R Charles and Pat Eubanks, Joan and Willard Nash,
Helen and Harold Zimmerman

L to R Violet and Bill Feldman, Willard and Joan Nash,
Helen and Harold Zimmerman, Pat and Charles Pat Eubanks

L to R
Pat Eubanks, Helen Zimmerman, Joan Nash

L to R Joan and Willard Nash, Pat and Charles Eubanks,
Helen and Harold Zimmerman

Reunion 2005

Reunion 2005a

Past Reunions