Pearl Harbor Pictures
10 December 1941

Vertical aerial view of the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard on 10 December 1941,
showing damage from the Japanese raid three days earlier.In upper center
is the floating drydock YFD-2, with the destroyer Shaw (DD-373),whose bow
was blown off, floating at an angle at one end. The torpedoed cruiser Helena
(CL-50) is in Drydock Number Two, in center, for repairs. She was the first
ship to use that newly constructed dock. Drydock Number One is just below
Drydock Number Two. It holds the relatively undamaged battleship
Pennsylvania (BB-38) and the wrecked destroyers Cassin (DD-372), capsized,
and Downes (DD-375). Note dark oil streaks on the harbor surface.

Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives.

The picture above is a close-up of Photo# 80-G-387598.

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