Music and Sounds

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The Veteran
mp3 file
1 minute 38 seconds

The Story of our National Anthem
A "YouTube" Video
11 minutes 38 seconds

America The Beautiful
U.S. Navy Band
3 minutes 33 seconds

My Country 'Tis of Thee
Vocal Majority
3 minutes 47 seconds

God Bless America
Kate Smith
2 minutes 45 seconds

The Star Spangled Banner
US Navy Band
1 minute 22 seconds

Patriotic Medley
US Air Force Band
3 minutes 1 second

United States Marine Band
59 seconds

Navy Hymn
US Naval Academy Glee Club
3 minutes 12 seconds

Anchors Aweigh
US Navy Band
1 minute 16 seconds

Armed Forces Medley
US Air Force Band
3 minutes 9 seconds

China Night
3 minutes 30 seconds (mp3 file)
For translation, click here.

Submarine Sounds

Clear the Bridge - Dive! Dive!
5 sec

Dive Horn
2 sec

Sonar Pings
3 sec

To hear more submarine sounds, click HERE!

Click the picture to
hear a Foghorn

General Quarters
8 sec

7 sec

Ships Bell
2 sec

Boatswains Pipe Calls

Pass The Word
4 sec

Small Boat Alongside
7 sec

Away Galley
5 sec

Pipe the Side
6 sec

All Hands
12 sec

23 sec

Pipe Aboard
7 sec

Bugle Calls

32 sec

Mess Call
12 sec

General Quarters
10 sec

Air Defense
32 sec

11 sec

Liberty Call
5 sec

Mail Call
5 sec

Pay Call
10 sec

1 minute 19 seconds

Thank you Bob Crowder, RM3, USS Helena CA-75, 1956 - 1958, for finding and sending us 5 of the above bugle calls.