Colonel T. E. Backstrom, Commanding
February 28, 1929 - 8:00 P.M.

A versatile show composed of our Marine talent.

Casting Director Lt. Bellinger - Assistants - Daniels, Hart, Plaisted.
Property Manager - Doyle

Act I The Queens's Three Musketeers

Strange Interlude Part I - A Bedroom Escapade
(Daniels & Hart
(White, Lay. & Dickey)
Act II The Songster of Paradise (Martin)
Act III A Radio scene of a Farcical Boxing Bout
(Hart, Edmondson, & Daniels)
Act IV Hawaii's Musical Castoffs

Strange Interlude Part II - a Prima Donna's Tragic Demise
(Hart & Daniels)
(Nay & Garcia)
Act V The Mistaken Cornetist

Strange Interlude Part III - The Blow that Killed Father
(Hart & Daniels)
(Doyle & Kemp)
Act VI A Howling Backyard Quartet
(Dubber, Valencia, Jackson, & Brownell)
Act VII The Hopeless Recruit (Hart & Daniels)
Act VIII A Pair of Blackbirds (DeRoo & Plaisted)


All patrons in this audience are requested to park their gum in their hair, teeth, or any other convenient part of their anatomy; not on the floor or seats.
Children in arms will be checked at the Bachelor Officer Quarters'.
Do not find fault with our show as we have already found it out before you came.
Anyone fainting at the show will be cared for in our modern, up-to-date brig. We have cells to sublet as convalescent wards. References - Apply Guard House.
If you are found smoking, we will promptly excuse you from further suffering at our show. Our acts are wet enough without trying to make them soggy.
It took three days to produce this show, but no telling how long to outlive it.




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