CPL Ernest Grosskopf Diary
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March 23, 1921.
Accepted as an applicant in the U.S. Marine Corps and sent
to Paris Island South Carolina for training.

March 28, 1921.
Examined and sworn in as a Marine in the U.S. Marine Corps.

July 31, 1921.
Boarded the U.S.S. Anderson for transfer to Haiti.

August 11, 1921.
Anderson dropped anchor in Harbor at Port a Prince after having
transferred troops at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, St. Thomas,
Virgin Islands, San Juan, Porto Rico, Porto Plata, Santo Domingo,
and Santo Domingo city.

November 1, 1922.
Boarded the U.S.S. Anderson for transfer to the United States
after fifteen months of duty at various places in Haiti.

November 11, 1922.
Moved to Navy Yard docks Elisabeth River, Portsmouth, Virginia.
Transferred to Marine Barracks.

November 12, 1922.
Transferred to St. Helena - Berkley Virginia for duty.

April 16, 1923.
Transferred to Marine Barracks N.O.B Hampton Roads, Virginia.

March 27, 1924.
Discharged from the U.S. Marine corps with Honorable discharge
with the markings.

Military Efficiency - Excellent
Obedience - Excellent
Sobriety - Excellent
Character - Excellent
Awarded Good Conduct Medal #76834

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November 28, 1924.
Reenlisted at Baltimore, Maryland.
Transferred to Marine Barracks, Hampton Roads, Virginia
for further transfer to West Coast.

November 29, 1924.
Arrived Hamption Roads via commercial transportation.
Baltimore to Norfolk.

December 11, 1924.
Boarded the U.S.S. Vega for the west Coast. Stopped off at
Colon and Balboa Canal Zone and La Paz, Mexico.
Gulf Lower California.

January 4, 1925.
Vega docked at San Diego, California. Transferred to
Marine Barracks San Diego.

April 8, 1925.
Embarked aboard the U.S.S. Henderson bound for San Francisco.

April 10, 1925.
Henderson dropped hook Frisco Harbor later moored to dock.

April 15, 1925.
Henderson underway with the Battle Fleet and scouting Fleet for
Army and Navy maneuvers, Hawaiian Islands.

April 27, 1925.
Maneuvers over. Henderson moored to docks Honolulu, Hawaii.

April 30, 1925.
Henderson underway for San Diego.

May 8, 1925.
Henderson moored to docks San Diego. Transferred to Marine Barracks.

June 14, 1925.
Boarded train at San Diego for Mare Island, California.

June 15, 1925.
Arrived Port Richmond, Calif. Embarked aboard ferry for Frisco to
Mare Island.

June 17, 1925.
Left Mare Island for Frisco, arrived Frisco. Embarked aboard Army
Transport Thomas for Honolulu.

June 24, 1925.
Thomas moored to docks at Honolulu.

June 26, 1925.
Thomas underway for Guam.

July 8, 1925.
Thomas dropped hook, Apra Harbor, Guam. Disembarked.

December 16, 1925.
Embarked aboard U.S.S. Charmont for the Philippines.

December 22, 1925.
Charmont moored to docks Manila, P.I. Navy Tug to Cavite, P.I.

May 28, 1926.
Embarked aboard U.S.S.------ field -------P.I.
disembarked at Alongafso, P.I.

June 5, 1926.
Returned to Cavite on the U.S.S. Heron.

June 28, 1926.
Embarked aboard the U.S.S. Ashville.

July 1, 1926.
Ashville underway for Hong Kong.

July 2, 1926.
Lost a Gunners Mate 2/C at sea.

July 4, 1926.
Ashville dropped hook Hong Kong Harbor. Transferred to the
U.S.S. Helena, (Flagship South China Patrol) for duty.

July 21, 1925.
Helena underway for Canton. Dropped hook Canton River.

July 22, 1925.
6:30 AM. Underway, dropped hook at Canton 8 A.M.

August 23, 1956
Underway for Hong Kong. Dropped hook in Castle Peak Bay. 10 P.M.

August 24, 1926.
Underway at 6:15 A.M. - Moored to buoy in Man O War anchorage, Hong Kong at 9:00 P.M.

August 26, 1926.
Went into Piakoo Dry Dock 12:00 Noon.

October 4, 1926.
Got underway for Canton 6:00 AM. Moored to U.S. Navy Buoys, Canton - 1:00 P.M.

October 16, 1926.
American service men were given shore leave at Canton after a year and a half
restriction due to Chinese conflagrations. This date will be remembered by many
sailors and marines.

November 5, 1926.
Got underway for Hong Kong. 11:00 A.M. Moored to buoy in Man O War anchorage
Hong Kong.

November 17, 1926.
Underway for canton 6:00 A.M. Moored to U.S. Naval buoys Canton. 1:00 P.M.

December 17, 1926.
Underway for Hong Kong - 9:50 A.M. Moored in Man O War anchorage Hong Kong - 5:20 P.M.

January 3, 1927.
Underway for Bias Bay at 10:00 A.M. for short range battle practice.
Anchored in Bias Bay 5:50 P.M.

January 7, 1927.
Got underway. Made battle practice runs 7:00 A.M. 10:40 A.M. Swing ship, on course
for Hong Kong. Moored in Man O War anchorage Hong Kong - 2:50 P.M.

January 10, 1927.
Underway for Bias Bay 2:40 P.M. Anchor in Bias Bay 6:40 P.M.

January 14.
Underway for Hong Kong 6:00 A.M. Layed to off U.S.S. Gold Star, at
Hong Kong 10:10 A.M. Underway for Canton 11:45 A.M.
Moored to U S. Naval buoys Canton 8:05 P.M.

January 17.
Underway for Hong Kong 4:10 A.M. Moored to Standard Oil Docks 11:45 A.M.
Cast off, got underway for Bias Bay 2:20 P.M. Anchored Bias Bay - 7:25 P.M.

January 21, 1927.
Underway for Hong Kong 3:05 P.M. Moored in Man O War anchorage
Hong Kong - 3:05 P.M.

January 30, 1927.
Underway for Canton 7:00 A.M. Moored to U.S. Naval buoy Canton 2:20 P.M.

February 23, 1927.
Underway for Hong Kong 6:00 A.M.
Layed to off U.S.S. Pruitt at Hong Kong. Went alongside Paikoo Dry docks 4:20 P.M.

March 5, 1927.
Underway from Paikoo docks 9:35 A.M.
Moored Man O War anchorage
Hong Kong at 10:35 A.M.

March 10, 1927.
Underway for Canton 8:55 A.M.
Moored to U.S. Naval buoys Canton 5:05 P.M.

April 4, 1927.
Went aboard the U.S.S. Pampanga on detached duty. Helena to Hong Kong for coal.

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