Posted 24 September 2015.

Permission to use the following image provided by Petr Merkulov. Please visit his eBay Store.
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Posted 18 August 2015.

Permission to use the following two images provided by Frank. Please visit his eBay Store.
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Post Card front side

Post Card reverse side

Posted 4 June 2008.

Picture measures 5 1/8 inches X 3 1/8 inches.
Donated by Dave Brouchoud.
Auctioned by Mike Davis. To visit his eBay Store, click HERE!

Reverse side.

USS Helena PG-9. Pearl River, China.
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Photo by Captain Harrington W. Cochran, U.S. Army Coast Artillery Corps.
The picture was taken by my father, a U.S. Army officer, on July 25, 1923.
I have the original negative and scanned it for the first time today, 24 February 2008.

He noted the picture as "American gunboat "Helena" off the Bund, Shameen.
Because of the other negatives in the envelope are all of Canton and the Pearl River,
I surmise that Shameen is in that area.

Used with the permission of Stanley Cochran.

Helena in dry dock. Taikoo Hong Kong, China.
September 1925.

Picture purchased on eBay. This is an original photo measuring 4 1/4 X 2 1/2 inches. Date unknown.
Donated by Dave Brouchoud. USS Helena CA-75.

These two pictures found on the net 14 November 2007.

Chief Petty Officer Jack McSherry
with the HELENA's mascot "Bill"
aboard the gunboat in the early 1920's.
McSherry served aborad HELENA
from December 26, 1920 until October 10, 1921.

This picture is a scan from the original donated by PFC Lester Schenewerk,
U.S. Marine Corp who served aboard the USS Helena (PG-9) from
23 November 1931 until 26 June 1932.

The beautiful PG-9 picture post card below, donated by Earl Boyer.

This card was issued by Hugh C. Leighton Co around 1910-12.

USS Helena PG 9 in a mud dock on the Liao River, China.
During the winter of 1903 and 1904

USS Helena PG 9. Unknown date or place.
Donated by Tom (Westernimagery).
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Unknown place or date


The caption taped to the upper left corner reads
U.S. HELENA PG 9 Blt 1894 Retired 1932