The following is an excerpt from the 27 July 1952 Helena newsletter. DJB

U. S. S. HELENA (CA-75)

27 July 1952


With the USS HELENA off North-East Korea, July 24--The Tanchon Area of Korea's northeast coast yesterday felt the weight of a hard hitting bombardment element composed of the heavy cruiser HELENA and destroyer FLETCHER. Showing her power at shore bombardment for the first time to RADM W. C. Schindler, Commander Cruiser Division THREE, who hoisted his flag aboard the HELENA only a few days ago, the veteran cruiser commenced firing in the morning and methodically proceeded to destroy rail and supply targets with her eight-inch guns.
Aided by spotting planes from the carrier task force and her own helicopter, the HELENA started the day by scoring three direct hits on a rail bridge blowing it completely apart.
Other targets included anti-aircraft gun positions and a supply depot.
Once three light automatic guns opened fire on the HELENA's helicopter but were quickly silenced by the cruiser's five-inch guns which scored 10 hits on the gun positions. Commanding the HELENA is Capt. W. L. Dyer of Rumford, Maine

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