24 June 1952



Tokyo, June 22--Carrier Planes and surface units of the United Nations Fleet yesterday attacked Communist positions along both Korean Coasts and dispersed enemy troops attempting buildups farther inland.

East Coast targets for Carrier-based Planes from the U.S.S. Boxer and U.S.S. Princeton ranged from troop and supply facilities south of Wonsan to gun positions and rail lines near Chongjin. An early flight bombed and strafed a troop bivouac area south of Ambyon but rugged terrain and secondary explosions precluded an accurate estimate of damages. Highway and rail bridges, gun and mortar positions, and ammunition and fuel dumps were bombed, rocketed and strafed in the day-long attacks.
Two Destroyer-Cruiser teams searched the Eastern Coast along front-line positions supporting United Nations Troops. The Heavy Cruiser U.S.S. Bremerton and Destroyer U.S.S. Rogers ranged from Kosong to Kansong knocking out trenches, bunkers and personnel shelters. The Cruiser U.S.S. Helena teamed with Destroyer U.S.S. Taylor to blast artillery and mortar positions and other facilities in the same general area. Star shells fired by the Destroyer brought enemy targets into bold relief for the Heavy Guns of the Cruiser.

Elsewhere on the East Coast Destroyer U.S.S. Thomason and Destroyer-Minesweeper U.S.S. Doyle cut a strategic rail line south of Chongjin, then steamed south to blast other coastline installations. The Frigate HMS Whitesand Bay chopped Red transportation arteries farther north while Destroyer U.S.S. Stickell shelled targets between Songjin and Chaho.
Off the West Coast,British. Frigate HMS Cardigan Fay exploded an ammunition dump north of Sogwan-ni. HMS Amethyst illuminated the mud flats north of Yongmae-do to fire on enemy patrol groups. Other units of the West Coast Blockade and, Patrol Group continued to search out and destroy enemy facilities along the Ongjin Peninsula Coastline.

B29 Bombers hit the Western and Central sectors of the Korean Battlefront last night, dropping high explosives on enemy troop and supply areas immediately behind the main line of resistance.
Crews reported no flak or fighter opposition, the Far East Air Force said.
Sabre Jets knocked down one Communist Mig over North Korea yesterday. In addition, the Air Force reported that a revaluation of gun camera film showed that Sabres destroyed a Mig on June 6.
B26 Bombers and shorebased Marine Fighter Bombers last night, struck at enemy supply vehicles in North Korea. No specific claims were made in these strikes.


Tokyo, June 22-United Nations Command Troops repulsed another early attack in the Western sector of the Korean battlefront yesterday. The enemy was forced to withdraw after a three and a half hour fire fight during which time they suffered heavy casualties. Other probes directed at our forces were also repulsed during yesterday's action. Our Patrols operating all along the line reported light enemy contacts.

Fighter Bombers slashed rails, silenced gun positions, knocked out enemy bunkers and buildings and inflicted troop casualties during yesterday's activities. Other land based aircraft flew close air support missions for friendly front line troops and destroyed enemy supply vehicles.
Troop Bivouacs, supply dumps and build up areas were taken under daylong aerial attack yesterday by Carrier Aircraft from Wonsan to Chongjin. Surface bombardment forces shelled enemy bunkers, troops and defense works along both coasts of North Korea during operations for the period.


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