During the years of the life of the U.S. NAVAL STATION, LONG BEACH, Calif., a weekly newspaper was produced.
The "Seahorse".

The following copies of clippings from the Seahorse donated by George Del Gaudio

From left to right:
on the heavy cruiser USS Helena was held April 23 at Guam, Marianas Island. Departing Commanding Officer Captain Nels C. Johnson was relieved by
Navy Cross holder Captain Draper L. Kauffman in ceremonies held on the fantail of the ship.
Posted to the Seahorse 6 May 1960

Helena crewmen held a shipboard party for local crippled children.
Posted to the Seahorse 3 June 1960

displayed the USS Helena in the harbor at Sydney, Australia, during the first two weeks of May to participate in the annual Coral Sea Celebration.
The ship was photographed by time exposure. Kirby Neweman, SN, of Paul Ida., then sneaked into the same picture to be double exposed with flash.
Posted to the Seahorse 3 June 1960

Posted to the Seahorse 3 June 1960

From left to right:
last Friday after the heavy cruiser had served as his flagship as Commander, Cruiser Division Five, for the past seven months is Rear Admiral J. Julian Becton.
Radm. Becton relieved Rear Admiral Charles K. Bergin as Commander, Mine Force Pacific Fleet, in a change-of-command ceremony July 16.
He will also continue as ComCruDiv Five.
Posted to the Seahorse 22 July 1960

crossed the gangway of the USS Helena last weekend.
The Helena held open house for general visitors on July 2, 3 and 4.
The ship, which was at full dress for the holiday, returned from the Far East June 2, where she visited seven countries from Korea to Australia.
On July 15 she will enter the San Francisco Naval Shipyards for an overhaul.
Posted to the Seahorse 8 July 1960
Helena Selected as 
First Fleet Flagship
  The rumor that the cruiser
USS Helena was to become the

flagship for the Commander First
Fleet has been confirmed. On
October 1, the Chief of Naval
Operations announced the change
which will give the First Fleet
Commander a permanent flag-
ship for the first time.
The Helena, which is presently
concluding a fifteen week over-
haul in the San Francisco Naval
Shipyard, will complete her re-
fresher training prior to embark-
ing Vice Admiral C. L. Melson
and his staff in mid-January.
Also involved in the change will
be a switch of home port for the
Helena from Long Beach to San
Diego. This will be effected for
record purposes on October 15
but her actual home port will be
Long Beach until the first of the
year (posted to the Seahorse 14 October 1960)

Helena CO Selected

For Rear Admiral

Commanding officer of the heavy cruiser USS Helena, Capt. Draper L. Kauffman was inform- ed on July 22 that he has been selected for Rear Admiral. Of the 32 men chosen, Capt. Kauffman is one of the most junior from the standpoint of time in the service. The selection is even more unusual in that the Helena skipper was denied a com- mission upon completion of the Naval Academy in 1933 because of poor vision and did not enter the U. S. Navy until November 1941. During his naval career, Capt. Kauffman has commanded the destroyer Gearing and the am- phibious assault transport Bexar, was organizer of both the Navy bomb disposal school and the underwater demolition teams, has been aide to the Secretary of the Navy and was Fleet Plans Offi- cer for Commander-in-chief U. S. Pacific Fleet. (posted to the Seahorse 27 July 1960)