I Am A Sailor

Yes I am a Sailor, I am many, I have sailed the worlds oceans, I
have brought the commerce of the world to many different shores,
I have fought the worlds battles when need be and have brought
peace whenever I could. I have fired the big guns in anger, and I
have used then to protect the innocent, This part I liked best.

I love the feel of the salt air in my face while underway, the roll of
the ship as she takes the waves, The pounding of the ships engines
as she makes her way through the blue water, The sea at night
when the moon shines brightly on the glassy waters as if to show a
path to heaven, Knowing that I have none to fear for I am among
friends with my shipmates, for we are many, but we are one, even
to those who have gone down to the sea in ships, I am in the best of
company, for I am a Sailor.

I pray to the almighty Skipper, that I may be counted in the crew
to enter the last and greatest port of all, to serve him and be with
all my shipmates forever there to be on the final cruse, For I am a Sailor.

Bob McGhee 2003

You can't turn back the clock.
But you can wind it up again.