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USS Helena CA-75
3rd Division. May 1946

USS Helena CA-75. Change of Command. 5 October 1946.
Captain R. E. Blue relieved Captain A. H. McCollum.

USS Helena CA-75. 3rd. Division in Shanghia China. Early in 1947.
Left to Right.
Back Row
Rowan, Faulkner, BM !, unk, unk, unk, unk, Thomas, Polly, Grey, Co. Commander, unk.
2nd row.
Gunner Brown, unk, unk, Lopez, unk, unk
Front row.
Rose, unk, unk, unk, Miles, unk, unk, unk

Christmas 1946 aboard USS Helena CA-75, in the mess hall.
Master at Arms crewmen .

1946. USS Helena CA-75 visits Hong Kong.

Shanghia, China 1947
L to R Back row
Grey, Unk Co. Commander, Rose.
Front row
Breen?, Lopez

USS Helena CA-75. 3rd Division Crewman
Seaman Briggs and his wife in California.

USS Helena CA-75. 3 unk crewmen left. Brown and Neville on the right.
Clean sweep down. Fore and Aft.


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