USS Helena Reunion Attendance 2017

Barnette, Harold and Carolyn. CL-50
Barnette, Charolette. Daughter-In-Law. CL-50
Bender, Jason. SSN-725
Barker, Gary and Sandy. CA-75
Bezouska, Ron and Angie. CA-75
Biernacki, Chester "Ski". CL-50
Biernacki, Eunice. Guest of "Ski". CL-50
Boatman, Jack K. and Dixie. CA-75
Boitano, Bob. Son-in-law of Jim McNamee. CA-75
Boitano, Denise. Daughter of Jim MnNanee. CA-75
Brelje, Vic and Betty. CA-75
Burns, Ronald and Michiko. CA-75
Garrett Joseph and Ruth. CA-75
Garett, Margaret, daughter of Joseph. CA-75
McWhorter, Lynn, daughter of Joseph. CA-75
Clements, Karen, daughter of Joseph. CA-75
Daron, Patrick, son of Harold Daron. CA-75
Comella, Doug and Cecilia. CL-50
Flick, Dennis and Rosemary. CA-75
Harrington, Ruggles and Nancy. CA-75
Henry William Hank and Mary Jean. CA-75
Udell Gale and Ann. CA-75
Wiese, Timothy and Becky. SSN 725

Willyard, Luther Glen. CA-75
Gilbert, Jim Carl. CA-75
Mays, Claude E. Jr. CA-75
McNamee, James and Cecelia. CA-75
Miles, Joseph. CA-75
Mistric Carl L. and Mary Ann. CA-75
Polaski, Stephen and Beverly. CA-75
Potter, Philip and Sharon. CA-75
Pullin, Earl. CA-75
Thiels, Lynda Pullin. Daughter of Earl. CA-75
Richart, Dale. CA-75
Sagert, Reynold and Patricia. CA-75
Seymour, Richard Dick. CA-75
Schmalz, Sandra A. CA-75
Stein, Robert and Carol. CA-75
Thiessen, Darrell and Janice. CA-75
Thurber Allen, SSN-725.
Turner Randal K. and Nadine. CA-75
Zimmerman Gary and Diane. CA-75
Woltring, Jerry and Delinda. CA-75
Lapa, Hank J. and friend KC Pham. CA-75
Lapa, Hana and friend Henny
Hughes, Peggy. Tour Guide.

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