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21 September 2015

Good afternoon to everyone

A part of the USS Helena reunion included an all day tour of Boston, Lexington, and Concord.
In late afternoon we stopped for a brief 20 minute visit to the USS Constitution,
which was not nearly enough time to do what we wanted.

The ship is in dry dock and our pictures from 2003 are much better.
In the background in one of the photos, on the right hand side,
you can see the destroyer USS Cassin Young.

In two of these photos is the first Congressional Medal of Honor recipient that I have ever encountered.
His name is Lt Thomas L Norris, USN, and he was presented this Medal as a result of his action in 1972.

He had just finished his tour of the USS Constitution when one of the security guards
alerted me that he would be coming off the ship very shortly.
How fortunate to have been at this spot at that time.
Signed--Doug Comella

Learn much more about LT Thomas R. Norris, Medal Of Honor, click HERE!

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