The following "Plan of the Day" donated by Guy Travis who served on the USS Helena CA-75 from 1951 - 1954.
BT3 Travis was assigned to "B" Division "Oil King".


DUTY COMMANDER - LCDR KNIGHT                   SUNRISE - 0534




OPERATIONS           - LT NEAL                 DUTY YEOMAN - LONG, YN3

GUNNERY              - LTJG LIVAS              DUTY DRIVER-MC NAMARA,R.J.

SUPPLY               - CHPCLK JAECKLE                      4th Div.

ENGINEERING          - LTJG CARRUTH            MOVIES - To be announced.


 WATCH          OOD                    JOOD                     JOOW

 12-16          LTJG MINOGUE           ENS RAMBO                JAEGER BMC

 16-20          LTJG HAMMER            ENS HARRISON             WINTER GMC

 20-24          LTJG STITT             1st LT GARTRELL          FONNER QMC

 00-04          LTJG LIVAS             ENS RAMBO                NOBLE GMC

 04-08          LTJG MINOGUE           ENS HARRISON             JAEGER BMC

 08-12          LYJG HAMMER            1st LT GARTRELL          WINTER GMC

 Carry out IN PORT - AT SEA routine amended as follows:

 0200 - Commence preparation for full power and smoke prevention trial. 

        (HELENA NOTICE 9080 reference).

 0750 - Quarters for muster, inspection and instruction. Publish art. 9007

        (corrected) Ship's Regulations.

 0800 - Commence full power trial (Exercise BC-30-E).

 1200 - Complete full power trial. Proceed to Long Beach. Field Day enroute.

 1230 - Protestant Lenten Devotions in the Crew's Lounge.

 1300 - Planning Board Meeting in the wardroom.

 1400 - Lecture in Wardroom on the subject "Uniformed Services Contingency

        Option Act of 1953" (See Note #9).

 1500 - (About) Anchor.

 1600 - (About) Liberty for the SECOND and THIRD sections to expire at 0710 

        at Pico Street Landing or 0730 on board, 9 April 1954.


 1. Air Defense alert. CIC and AA Battery Control Personnel be prepared

 to man stations for ADEX ONE upon receipt of alert signal or upon air 

 contact at anytime this afternoon.

 2. Fleet Marine Force Units - All Naval personnel who served on duty with

 and have been attached to Fleet Marine Units in active combat with an armed

 enemy during World War II and the Korean hostilities are authorized to wear

 a miniature Marine Corps emblem on the appropriate campaign ribbon.

 Personnel who believe themselves eligible should report to the Personnel

 Officer for necessary authorization.

 3. Scheduled Movements - The ship is scheduled to get underway for

 local operations Monday morning, 12 April 1954.

 4. Palm Sunday - This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday and all hands are

 urged to attend worship services at their own church or on board ship. We

 will have as our guests this Sunday approximately 40 young people from the

 First Presbyterian Church in Long Beach, who will sing at the Protestant


 5. Plane Crashes - For 14 hours, from Monday night to Tuesday

 morning, HELENA as the flagship of RADM Ralph E. WILSON, Commander

 Cruiser division FIVE, participated in an eight ship search for three men

 lost in two plane mishaps off the Coronado Islands. The first crash was a

 Navy plane with four men aboard, which went down near the submarine,

 Bream, four and three-quarters miles northwest of North Coronado Island.

 The sub picked up three of the men and a search was launched for the

 fourth. During the night's rescue operations a Navy helicopter lost radio

 contact with its home base and the one man search developed into a three

 man search. Three submarines in the area joined the hunt and assumed the

 original search while five ships, HELENA and ST. PAUL and three destroyers,

 made a sweep towards the helo's last known position. One of the subs located

 the helicopter wreckage at 0830 Tuesday and recovered one body. After 14

 hours of searching the job was relinquished to sea-air rescue planes and the

 Coast Guard. The Flag and Ship have received a message from the Coast

 Guard Authorities at San Diego, commending all participating units for their

 outstanding effort and efficiency.

 6. California Vehicle Code - The following condensed excerpts from the

 California Vehicle Code are called to the attention of all hands.

      a. Operator's Licenses for automobiles. A non-resident of the State of

 California over the age of 21 years having in his immediate possession a

 valid operator's license issued to him in his home state or country may

 operate a motor vehicle in the State of California for a period of one

 (1) year without obtaining a California operator's license. If the non-

 resident's home state or country does not require an operator's license,

 a California license must be obtained within Thirty (30) days after arrival

 in the State of California.

      b. A non-resident of the State of California who is not yet 21 years of

 age may use a license issued to him in another state or country for a

 period of ten (10) days after arrival in the State of California, after

 which a California driver's license must be obtained.

 7. Laundry Bags - Division Officers submit work requests to 1st

 LIEUTENANT for repair, if necessary, of remaining old laundry bags in


 8.Shore Patrol Claims - All men who have not signed their claim

 for subsistence while on shore patrol report to #5 mess hall at 0830 for

 this purpose. This includes all claims through 4 April. The claims will be

 paid as soon as they are signed by the men concerned and approved by

 the Commanding Officer.

 9.Uniformed Service Contingency act of 1953 - The supply Officer

 will give a lecture on the provisions of the Uniformed services

 Contingency act of 1953 in the Wardroom at 1400 today. It is of special

 interest to all officers, chief petty officers and petty officers who have

 already or will complete 18 years service during this fiscal year. All 

 officers and men who have completed 18 years service are reminded that

 they must make their selections of the various options prior to the 30th of

 this month in order to receive the benefits of this act.

 10. Inter Divisional Transfer - The following inter-divisional transfer is

 effective this date.

      SMITH, Hearst A. SN            From: 7th Division   To: S-1 Division

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