DUTY DIVISION - 1     DUTY SECTION - 1     MOVIES - To be announced

Carry out AT SEA routine amended as follows:

0730 - Muster on stations.
0830 - Loading Drills for the 5" and 8' batteries.
0830 - Expect to join Task Group sometime today. (See Note #2)
1000 - Aircraft Recognition School for all Deck Watch Officers in the Crew's Lounge.
1030 - Aircraft Recognition School for all Ship's Lookouts in the Crew's Lounge.
1300 - Ropeyarn Sunday.
1630 - Fire Drill.

1. COMPARTMENT SPRAYING - The below listed compartments will be sprayed this morning: C-304-1L, C-308-1L, C-309-L, C-409-L. The following procedure must be carried out in order to accomplish spraying:
0600-0800 Clean compartment - (1) empty all trash cans; (2) wipe down all bunks, overhead frames and stringers with damp cloth; (3) remove mattress and pillow covers (4) place mattress transversely on bunk, fold blanket forward of mattress, place pillow aft of mattress; (5) sweep, swab and dry decks; (6) secure all ventilation openings, hatches, doors and scuttles.
0800-1000 Spray compartments - (1) all openings will be closed during spraying and for 30 minutes after spraying; (2) the smoking lamp will be out in the compartment being sprayed and in the immediate surrounding compartments from commencement of spraying until one hour after completion; (3) spray compartment until a moderate mist is developed; (4) allow mist to remain in closed compartments for 30 minutes; (5) ventilate compartment for 30 minutes; (6) dust all bedding and bunks; (7) air bedding - do not shake powder from bedding.
In case of inclement weather, spraying will be accomplished on Thursday 4 November. Compartment cleaners plus two men from the division will be assisted by a representative from the medical department.

2. VISIT TO HONG KONG - Because of the operational situation and in consonance with our mission of vigilance and preparedness the ship has been diverted from the projected trip to Hong Kong. Opportunity to visit Hong Kong at some future time will undoubtedly be forthcoming.

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