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In the early days, Sailors were initially housed in
fixed-walled tents. This tent area was know as "Tent
City" or "Detention Camp." Life in Tent City lasted
three weeks and was required for quarantine purposes.

An early shot of a Thursday Afternoon Exhibition
Drill and Dress Parade, from the 1920s.

Rear Adm. David Fotte Sellers, USN, the first
commanding officer of Naval Training
Center from June 23, 1923 to Aug. 7, 1926.

The flag pole is dedicated and the colors are raised
for the first time during the commissioning of Naval
Training Center, held in conjunction with Navy Day,
Oct. 27, 1923. The Honorable William Kettner
delivered the dedication and the flag was raised by
Maxine Edmonds, a senior at San Diego High School.

The NTC swim team, Silver Gate Swimmers, from June, 1927. Lt. Benton W. Decker,
the athletic coach then, is fifth from left, front row.

This aerial photograph shows NTC in its early stages
of development, approximately 1924 or 1925. Tent city
can be seen in the upper left and John Paul Jones
Court is in the center. The main gate is at the lower

New recruits arrive at the main gate circa 1940. In
the past, recruits came from all over the country via
trains, buses or trucks.

Recruits sweep Decatur Road at NTC, circa 1940s.

A ceremony is held on board USS Recruit during the
commissioning on July 27, 1949. Originally a TDE
(Training Destroyer Escort), it remained an active
part of the Navy's fleet until 1967, when it was
decommissioned and renamed a TFFG (Training
Guided Missile Fast Frigate). It was refurbished
in 1981and is 225 feet long, has 24-foot beam
and a 41-foot mast.

Boot Camp Flag Company performs. Unknown date.

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