Navy Relief Society

5 November 1951

        AIR MAIL             

Admiral William M. Fechteler, USN - President
Vice Admiral V. R. Murphy, USN (Ret.)
       -Executive Vice President
Rear Admiral J. J. Mahoney, USN (Ret.)
       -Assistant to Executive Vice President
Admiral H. R. Stark, USN (Ret.)
       -Second Vice President
Mrs. Clifton B. Cates - Third Vice President
Captian E. S. Earnhardt, USN (Ret.
      -Secretary & Treasurer

From:    Executive Vice President, Navy Relief Society.

To:      Commanding Officer, U.S.S. HELENA (CA-75), c/o FPO San Francisco

Subj:    Navy Relief Society - Contribution to:

Ref:     (a) OpNav Notice 170 of 20 March 1951.

         1.   With the tabulation of the final results of the Navy Relief
Society's "Annual Call for Contributions" for the year 1951, it is revealed
that the performance of the U.S.S. HELENA in collecting $2,676.90 was truly
outstanding. It not only far surpassed any vessel of her class but was, in
fact, the largest contribution from any vessel in the Navy. This fine
demonstration of real concern for their less fortunate Naval and Marine
contemporaries and their families can only reflect a well organized and
effective effort as well as a fine spirit of interest and cooperation.

         2.   Please express to all concerned the thanks and appreciation
of the Board of Managers of the Society for this very substantial contribution
to the work of the Society and to its efforts to alleviate distress among
Navy and Marine personnel everywhere. The entire project was a "well done"