USS Helena CA-75
Mini-Reunion 2006

On 18 April 2006, 4 ex-USS Helena CA-75 members and their wives met in Bloomington, IL., for a sort of Mini-Reunion.
The following words and pictures are provided by Vic Brelje.

Left to Right
Nadine Turner-Gerry Brouchoud-Betty Brelje
Randy Turner-Dave Brouchoud-Vic Brelje-Allen B. Thurber

Randy Turner-Dave Brouchoud-Vic Brelje-Allen B. Thurber

Heavy discussions regarding all the worlds' problems.

We had a nice dinner at Ruby Tuesday's

Here is a brief synopsis of our Mini Reunion at Bloomington.

Thanks to Allen for reserving a conference room for our meeting.
We immediately assigned Dave Brouchoud, "Webmaster, USS HELENA Website" as head of the table.
Randy, Allen and I have know each other for 50 years from the OR Division, and this was our first opportunity to meet Dave and his wife Gerry.
We covered a large range of topics from sea stories to solving some of today's complex world problems.
No definite solutions were reached on the world problems.
All B.S. aside it is really nice to gather with Old Navy Buddies. We were in the conference room from approximately 1:30 PM until 5:30 PM.

After our meeting we went to Ruby Tuesday's for a nice dinner and more camaraderie. Also a few more sea stories were told.
One of the highlights at dinner was learning how to pronounce Dave's last name correctly. I hope that we can remember that.

Bamford & Vic, Then and Now. If you will notice we switched positions after 50 years.

Vic & Bamford in Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong Hilton

Bamford & Vic in Bloomington, IL.
Ruby Tuesday's

My gift from Vic Brelje.
At the start of our mini-reunion, Vic presented me with this 8 X 10 black and white photo.
The small picture added in the upper right corner is of the OI Division. It was taken in 1954, Long Beach, CA.