Dwight D. Eisenhower


Introduction by Lieutenant (junior grade) Jack R. BALDWIN, MC, USNR:

"Now this is December 9th, 1952, and it is a fine morning -- The sun is shining brightly outside and what makes it a better morning is that now, after 7 months in the Far East we are homeward bound at last. At the present time I am sitting with President-elect DWIGHT EISENHOWER in the Admiral's Cabin aboard the USS HELENA, as we are steaming toward Pearl Harbor; in fact, just one day away. Yesterday, I sent a note to General EISENHOWER asking him if he would consent to a short, informal interview on tape so that at a more convenient time those men of the HELENA, who were unable to see him because of below-deck watches, etc., might have a chance to hear him speak to them. General EISENHOWER replied immediately and was very enthusiastic in accepting the suggestion so that he could speak to the men of the HELENA and tell them in his own words a little bit about the sea voyage since we left Guam and something else about his trip. So the opportunity is here and I'll turn the microphone over to you . . . GENERAL EISENHOWER:"

By President-Elect EISENHOWER

"Good morning men. The first thing I should like to do is to express the appreciation of my party and myself for the courtesies and hospitality we've encountered everywhere on board the HELENA , from Captain DYER on down. We would just like to say, "Thank you very much." Of course I should like the chance to see each one of you to shake hands and talk to you a little while. That's naturally impossible. When I first saw HELENA, I was on Iwo Jima, I suppose a week or so ago, and I saw this fine ship standing around the Island and, I asked Admiral RADFORD what ship it was and he said, Well that's the ship I was going home in, and, was just standing around there to see that nothing happened while I was on Iwo. I must say, I felt very safe to see this fine ship circling around there. Since we got on at Guam, I've had one of the nicest periods of the last hectic few months . . .since June 1st when I first came back from France. One of the interesting things about the trip and one of the things that I possibly now can share with you, is the knowledge I have gained of the Korean Battle front. I've seen something of the areas on which you have been firing during these past months, I know how much ground soldiers have appreciated the work you have done for them, the support you have given to them. And one thing is particularly pleasing . . .Throughout the battlefront whenever you heard any of the services mentioned, why it was in tones of:"Those fellows are all right." The cooperation, you might say, the unification between the three services in Korea is what I should like to see it become in Washington, and for that, each man that's had a part in this operation is partially responsible and, therefore, deserves that much credit.

"Now everywhere I have gone on board this ship I have found one thing: There's no shortage of film! I think I have never seen quite so many cameras in my life, and I just want to say one thing. During the few hours we have remaining on here, if I'm going on the deck, (and this goes for my party too, any one of them) if any one of you is trying to get picture and we are going too fast, all you have to do is ask for a moments delay. I'll stop anywhere. If anyone will do me the compliment to want my picture, why he's gonna get it. So that goes all the way from the bow back to the fantail and whether I'm shooting at those skeet birds that seem to get away from me so much, or whatever I'm doing . . . That's a promise.

"Again, to each of you, Good Luck. . .

I hope you have a fine time when you hit the States. I know your ship is going to get an overhaul, when she comes out, of course, I hope you will all be with her again and be doing just the kind of service you have been doing these last few months.

"If I don't get to see to many of you, this gives me a chance now to say, Goodbye, and thank you again. . . You've been wonderful to us."

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