USS HELENA CA-75 Deck Logs
Donated by J. G. Saltalamacchia

0 to 4 Steaming under boilers number two and three, in company with USS TOLEDO(CA-133), enroute 
from Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Territory of Hawaii, to Long Beach, California, on base course 073 (t), 
(pgc), 050 (psc). Standard speed is 15 knots(145rpm), steaming at 20- knots(192rpm). Formation in 
column open order, USS HELENA(CA-75) guide, with USS TOLEDO(CA-133) 1000 yards astern. Officer in 
Tactical Command is Commander Cruiser Division  three in this vessel. The ship is in condition of 
readiness four with material condition "YOKE" set. 0000 changed formation speed to 17 knots (163-
rpm) Average steam: 550. Average rpm: 163.3.

4 to 8 Steaming as before. 0430  changed formation course to 045 (t), (pgc), 031 (pse). 0512 

changed formation course to 090 (t), (pgc), 077 (psc). 0520 passed San Nicolas Island abeam to
port, distance 5.5 miles. 0600 changed formation speed to 13 knots(125rpm). ! 0640 passed Santa
Barbara Island abeam to port, distance 20 miles. 0737 charged formation course to 015 (t), (pgc),
358 (psc). Average steam: 552. Average rpm: 144.2.

8 to 12 Steaming as before. 0800 hold quarters for inspection. Absentees: none. 0900 changed 

speed to 12 knots (116rpm). 0925 passed Santa Catalina west end light abeam to starboard, distance
3 miles. 0927 changed course to 067 (t), (pgc), 054 (psc). 1000 changed course 071 (t), (pgc),
058 (psc). 1117 passed USS BRADFORD (DD-545) abeam to port, distance 4 miles. 1125 sighted Long
Beach breakwater light bearing 010 (t), distance 4.5 miles. Made daily inspection of magazines and
smokeless powder samples. Conditions normal. 1140 changed formation course to 310 (t), (pgc),
292 (psc). 1145 proceeding independently to Long Beach, California. Set the regular and special
sea details. Average steam: 550. Average rpm: 119.

12 to 16  Steaming as before. 1202 passed between Long Beach breakwaters. 1203 stopped all 
engines to receive pilot  J.W. HOME on board. 1207 changed course to 305 (t), (pgc), 289 (psc). 1208 
changed course to 305 (t), (pgc), 289 (psc). 1206  changed speed to ahead 1/3. Commenced maneuver-
ing on various courses and speeds to conform  with channels pilot at the conn.  1213 received USS 
YTB-703 on port bow. 1215 passed buoy number four abeam to starboard, distance 70 yards. 1220
received USS YTB-310 on port quarter. 1222  passed between inner harbor breakwater lights enroute 
pier-Baker. 1226 passed channel buoy number 8 abeam to starboard, distance 30 yards. 1228 passed 
channel  buoy number 9 abeam to port, distance 400 yards. 1240 moored starboard side to Berth 17, 
Pier Baker, Long Beach, California, with the following lines: one 10 inch manila; four 8 inch
manila; and two 6 inch manila. Senior Officer Present Afloat is Commander Cruiser Division Three 
in this vessel. Ships present are USS HELENA(CA-75), and BROWN(DD-546). 1245 secured the main 
and steering engines. 1250 cast off all tugs. 1255 secured the regular and special sea details. 
Set the regular in port and anti-sabotage watches. 1300 commanding officer Terminal Island Naval 
Station and Mayer Burton Chase of Long Beach called officially on Commander Cruiser Division Three
and left the ship at 1333. 1308 let fires die out under boiler number 3. Boiler number 2 steam­ing-
for-auxiliary purposes. USS TOLEDO(CA-133) moored to east side of Pier Baker. 1310 commenced
receiving telephone service from the pier. 1330 pursuant to Bupers letter B2119-V6-226 on 24
October 1950, WILLAMSON, H.O., HM1, 274 62 48, USN, was transferred with baggage, records and
transfer papers to United States Naval Medical Research Institute, Bethesda, Maryland, for duty.
Pursuant to Bupers dispatch 221253Z of September 1950, CDR G. W. RUSSELL, 196338/2100, MC, USN,
reported on board for duty. 1435 pursuant to Burgers letter B-1111-MEZ-3, dated 27 September-1950, 
LT W.B. THOMPSON,  270319, USNR, reported on board for duty.

16 to 20  Moored as before. 1600 BRADY, L.S., BMC, 266 20 65, USN, in charge of five petty officers 
left the ship for temporary additional duty as Shore Patrol in Long Beach, California. Commenced 
receiving fresh water from the pier. 1615 LTJG J.L. YATES, 494909, USNR, left the ship for temp-
­orary additional duty as Shore Patrol Officer in Long Beach, California. 1632 SS AJAX, British 
Merchant ship, stood out from Pier Able and proceeding out to sea. 1700 set material condition 

20 to 24 Moored as before.

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