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Thanks to the collective publicity you have given PACIFIC EXPRESS, Volume III in our trilogy, “Amphibious Operations in the South Pacific in WWII,” the new book has been selling very well. The next challenge: To package the trilogy so it is priced to sell in spite of a down economy. While brainstorming a sales pitch at 2 a.m., I remembered Howard “Tiny” Clarkson’s super endorsement of our series. His point: We must pass down our history to our children and grandchildren. In “Tiny’s" words:

"Bill McGee, a veteran of naval service in the South Pacific, has written a book that will do any ‘Amphibian’ proud. He has managed by dint of
exceptional research and extensive interviews to perfectly blend the historical development of
naval amphibious forces with humorous anecdotal references.

"You’ll find yourself chuckling and nodding in the affirmative as you recall your own moments of terror, mind-numbing boredom,
and outrageous pranks. It is a compelling story of ‘green’ crews, ‘green’ officers, ‘green’ dragons, and ‘green’ camouflage.

"If your children or grandchildren have ever asked, ‘What did you do in the war?’, point them to this book.
Throughout the book you will find yourself saying, ‘Yup, that was us,’ and I guarantee you’ll have a renewed respect for the guy you see in the
mirror every morning. Howard Tiny Clarkson, USS LCI National Association

Inspired by Tiny’s words, pasted in below is a new special trilogy offer along with an attached jpg of the 3-volume set. I hope you can find space to insert this in your newsletter or on your web site.

Merry Christmas and a Better New Year,

Bill McGee

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