Your author joined the US Navy on 29 Sep 51. (Age 17).

Following boot camp at Great Lakes, Illinois, he was assigned to the USS Helena CA-75.

Early in 1952 at age 18, he was the property of the 5th Division.
His battle station was in the upper handling room of a 5" gun mount.

Prior to deployment to the Korean War Zone, he was assigned to "K" (king) Division, the Radar Gang.

Released in May 1955 as a RD2 (Radar Operator)

A very young sailor, in a far away place, a long time ago.

Helena's Radar Antennas

My very first cigarette lighter.
The inscription reads: David Brouchoud US Navy.
This is a butane gas lighter.
You held it in your right hand. With your index finger, you pressed the button on the left.
At the same time you flicked the rollers with your thumb to engage the flint, which still works!
Given to me by my Aunt Lanore Netzer while I was still in Boot Camp, fall on 1951.