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HELENA Athletes Keep Busy Sked
Copied for the "Our Navy Magazine - Mid-August 1949 Issue.
Provided by George Del Gaudio

Ship's duties failed to keep the athletes of the cruiser HELENA from getting their names in the sports spotlight of the Battleship-Cruiser Force Athletic tournaments in the Pacific. The Big H's boys entered the winner's circle when they copped five out of eight events in the swimfest. LTJG Weller won the blue ribbons in the 40-yard free-style, 240-yard Individual Medley, and the 800-yard free-style. Pfc Black, USMC, added to the ship's laurels by taking first in the 100-yard backstroke, and the 100-yard free-style.
In baseball, the HELENA'S ballhawks rode the glory train in three out of four tussles, the final two games being decided by home runs, in the final frame of the games. A four bagger with three men on won won the third game for the TOLEDO nine, and a four ply wallop by Massingale in the fourth and final game, gave the HELENA the crown.
In tennis, Ledwith of the HELENA was beaten by Farquer of the TOLEDO for the singles crown. Self, SA, of the HELENA, copped the golf crown with a 77-75, with Rabold, MMC, taking fourth honors, and LTJG Weller coming in 7th.

On 5 January 1960, HELENA departed for the Western Pacific in company with YORKTOWN (CVS-10) and her escort of Destroyer Squadron 23.

Visits to Korea and to Taiwan prefaced her participation in Operation "Blue Star," one of the largest peacetime amphibious exercises in our history.

After a period in Japan, HELENA sailed with RANGER (CVA-61) and SAINT PAUL (CA-73) to Guam. On 24 April 1960, HELENA, in company with destroyers TAYLOR (DDE-468) and JENKINS (DDE-447), set sail for Australia.

She then returned to Long Beach and from June until November, underwent extensive overhaul.

In mid-January 1961, she became the permanent flagship of Commander, 1st Fleet.

Information donated by
Danver Tarin [canoe sailor DD447]