USS Helena (SSN-725) Facts
Ship Class: Fourth Flight 688 - Los Angles Class
Fast-Attack Nuclear submarine
Crew: 120 enlisted
13 Officers
Length: 360 feet
Beam: 33 feet
Draft: 32 feet (surfaced)
Displacement: 6080 tons (surfaced)
6927 tons (submerged)
Max. Depth: "In excess of 800 feet"
Max. speed: "In excess of 30 knots (submerged)"
20 knots (surfaced)
Propulsion: 1 pressurized water nuclear reactor
2 steam turbines/
1 shaft
30,000 shp
Armanent: 4 Forward (21") Torpedo Tubes
12 VLS - Vertical Launch Missile Tubes
Weapons: Mk-48 Torpedo
Mk-48 ADCAP Torpedo
UGM-84 Harpoon
UGM-109 Tomahawk, VLS (Vertically Launched)
UGM-109 Tomahawk, TTL (Torpedo Tube Launched)
Navigation:GPS - Global Positioning system
ESGN (Electro-statically Suspended Gyro Navigator)
Bottom Contour Mapping
Communications: This cell "blank"
Builder: General Dynamics, Electric Boat Division - Groton, CT
Keel Laid: 16 SEP 1984
Launched: 28 JUN 1986
Sponsor: Mrs. Jean Cole Busey
Commissioned:11 JUL 1987, commanded by CDR Thomas Moore
Home Port:San Diego, CA
Motto: "Proud and Fearless"
International Call sign: NHMT
Namesake City: Helena, MT USA


(SSN 725)