Whiskey Division

Missile Technicion

HELENA has real man-o-war fire power! Her 8" guns can tear into an enemy miles away; her 5" and 3" guns will track and kill enemy aircraft approaching from all directions. But HELENA can pull a "Sunday Punch" out of the bag! In her hanger deck rests the mighty Regulus I, waiting to strike her paralyzing blow.
It's not only the JP-5 jet fuel that helps "Reg I" do her job, nor is it simply pushing buttons on a complicated switch panel. It is a group of highly trained and skilled men called Missileman who give the "bird" her reliability runs, checkouts, and numerous countdowns to make certain she will not fail. Every man in Whiskey Division----from the Missile Officer and Special Weapons Officer to the GS 2 who checks out and repairs his own electronics gear or the seaman who installs the booster hardware----must work day and night with the precision of a craftsman. When the countdown is at minus-one, they know the "bird" will reach its destination hundreds of miles away and destroy the target.
And then . . . another "bird" lies in the hanger, ready for check out for the next shot.

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From the 1958 Helena cruise book

behind the secrecy shrouding these

technicians lies a reassuring aspect
of the new, modern Navy

From the 1958 Helena cruise book

From the 1959 Helena cruise book


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