This 1955 pamphlet measures 5 1/2 inches wide by 8 inches high and has 34 numbered pages.
Its purpose was to provide detailed information about the USS Helena CA-75, for new sailors reporting aboard.

The following information has been copied from page 3 of this pamphlet.


Upon the completion of the ship's recent tour of duty in Westpac as Seventh Fleet Flagship, Vice Admiral A. M. PRIDE, USN, Commander Seventh Fleet, commended the ship for her fine performance of duty as his flagship. He said:

"Of the various vessels in which I have had my flag in this and previous cruises, none has excelled the HELENA in the smartness of appearance and performance encumbent upon the flagship as exemplar of the fleet, and on none has the flag complement been so obviously welcome and "at home" and facilitated in its work

At all times HELENA has made a smart and impressive appearance, and has set a worthy example for the fleet. Her schedule has been precisely carried out and her proficiency has been maintained at high level. At the same time, all hands have taken pains to accomodate the flag personnel and make them feel at home. Flag functions have been cheerfully and effectively aided in a spirit of 'can do' ".

Donated by Dave Brouchoud, RD2, USS Helena CA-75. January 1952 - May 1955.

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