USS Helena DVD Slide shows.
Donations and mailing instructions can be found at the bottom of this page.

The CL50 DVD Slide show includes
4 presentations.

Show 1 lasts 14:19 minutes. It includes
a pictorial history of the ship from
launching to sinking with many
pictures donated by surviving
crew members.

Show 2 lasts 4:24 minutes. It contains
pictures of the crew and reunion pictures.

Show 3 is an awards presentation.

Show 4 is memorabilia.

The opening menu and all shows
include music.

The CA75 DVD Slide show is a single

The show lasts 7:25 minutes. It is a
collage of pictures and sounds.

The opening menu and the show
include music.

DVDs are a $10.00 donation each.

All Prices Include Shipping
Please mail your check to:
Harold Barnette, 49 S. Shining Mountain Dr., Cape Fair, MO 65624

Phone 417-538-1357

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