Copied from the USS Helena CA-75 1951 Cruise Book.

Two marines on orderly duty.
From the Helena 1952 Crew's Book.

The Admiral (Rear Admiral W. V. O'Regan) says
happy birthday to the USMC.
From the Helena 1953 "Review" Book.

Front row (left to right)
Knippers, HE; Kennedy, JJ; Isreal, JA
Second row (left to right)
Wildermuth, HE; Crouch, RL; Barriger, DO, NCO in Charge.
(Maple, RL and Williams, DR, not shown)
The Flag Marine Detachment under Sergeant D. O. Barriger serves as orderlies to Commander Seventh and the Chief of Staff. During the average watch, these Marines may be called upon to run errands ranging from carrying a personal message to carrying official highly classified material. They also act as escorts when either of the top officers desires to visit a part of the ship outside of Admiral's Country.
(Information and Flag Marine picture are from the Helena 1954 Cruise Book).

Two pictures copied from the USS Helena 1956 Cruise Book.

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