USS Helena (SSN 725)
Crew Members Awards and Citations

USS Helena (SSN 725) Sailors of the Quarter
1st Quarter - 2009

They each received $50.00 cash plus a $50.00 gift card from Hobby People (my employer and Navy League member, Navy supporter).
They each received a letter, a frame-able color certificate, and a copy of the letter was given to CDR Brunk for deposit in their personnel jackets.

William R. Forrey
President, Navy League of the United States Orange County Council

Sr. SOQ 1st Quarter 2009 YN1 (SS) Amalio Gamboa

YN1 (SS) Amalio Gamboa's Certificate

Jr. SOQ 1st Quarter 2009 MM3 (SS) Jonathan Guzman

Thank You to William R. Forrey President, Navy League of the United States Orange County Council,
for allowing us to copy and post the following pictures.

22 September 2008.

OC Navy League President Bill Forrey presents 1st and 2nd Quarter Sailor Awards to
EM1 (SS) Ben Trunbull, ET3 (SS) Christopher Stinggone, EM1(SS) Dered Deiner and ET3 (SS) Javier Vincenciodiaz.

CDR Dan Brunk, Commanding Officer, USS Helena, SSN-725
accepts the OCNL sponsored and produced WESTPAC 2008 T-shirt

With the USS Helena, SSN-725 back in port, your Council caught up on some Sailor of the Quarter Awards.
Presentations were made for the 1st and 2nd Quarter Jr and Sr Sailors.
These awards were missed while Helena was deployed.
Also presented were the Official USS Helena, SSN-725 WESTPAC 2008 T-shirt.
T-Shirts to our adopted submarines became an OCNL tradition beginning with the USS Salt Lake City, SSN-716 in 2004.
These shirts are designed by OCNL President Bill Forrey and given to each member of the Boats crew.
Helena crew members are allowed to wear them as part of their uniform on certain days.

USS Helena, SSN-725 Awards Presentation
September 5, 2008

CDR Dan Brunk, Commanding Officer of USS Helena, SSN-725 presents new sailors
checking aboard with their Helena baseball cap.

OCNL President, Bill Forrey hands out t-shirts and a thumbs up from crew members.

Your Council's first award presentation to our newest adoption, USS Helena, SSN-725, was made during the post deployment crew awards Monday night. The Jr / Sr Sailor of the 4th Quarter and Sailor of the Year for 2005 received cash and gift certificates and the thanks of the Orange County Council for their hard work. Helena's adoption was also made official the same night with an exchange of plaques and a commitment by OC Leaguers to provide for sailor achievement awards and pre and post deployment funds.

January 9, 2006

Vice President, Russ Gray and Director, George Del Gaudio
welcome CDR Wright and Chief of the Boat, CMC Chris Addington
into the OCNL fold.

Council Director, George Del Gaudio presents the USS Helena, SSN-725
Sailor Quarter and Sailor of the Year awards to Junior Sailor of the 4th
Quarter, MM3 (SS) Stephen Moore, Sailor of the 4th Quarter, ET1 (SS)
Freddie Richter and Sailor of the Year, ST1 (SS) Steven Clevenger.


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