Captain Harry Smith, U. S. N.

The ship practically holds her breath when she hears the preamble, “This is the Captain speaking,” over the PA system to congratulate her for a job well done or to announce future movements.

Captain Harry Smith assumed command last July. At 47, he is the youngest commanding officer of a Pacific Fleet cruiser.

The Captain graduated from the U.S. Naval academy, Class of 30, and went right aboard the battleship USS Maryland, where he became Signal Officer.

During World War II, he was in the Coral Sea, Midway, Aleutian, Guadalcanal and Okinawa engagements. He commanded the destroyers Kimberly and the Frank E. Evans, and also was an aide to a carrier Task force commander.

After the war, Captain Smith was Naval Attaché to the Union of South Africa, and he commanded the attack transport USS George Clymer.

Before taking command of the Helena, the Captain attended the National War College in Washington, D.C.

The Skipper, whose home town is Springfield, Illinois, married a Girl from Seattle, Washington. Captain and Mrs. Smith and their two Sons Harry and Tom now live in the ship's home port.

(This short bio was copied from the USS Helena CA-75 1956 cruise book)

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