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USS Helena CA-75
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The following two pictures donated by Shipmate John C. Bowne. Taken in, 1958.

View of Hong Kong and Helena in the center.

Rigging the brow as Helena enters port. Yokosuka, Japan?

Pictures of the USS Helena CA-75 taken from the USS Jenkins DD 447

This photo shows Jenkins with Helena in the background. Helena sent a helicopter to take photos of DESDIV253 of which Jenkins was 'flagship'. Thanks for all your information, even though I didn't serve on Helena, she was the first cruiser I ever seen out at sea and she is special.

Photo was taken just outside of Guam. Jenkins, Taylor Walker and O'Bannon were sailing to Australia in company with Helena. This was about April of 1960. Photo taken from the fantail just after securing 'special sea and anchor detail'. Later on when all the ships mentioned here formed up and sailed to Australia, we paid tribute to the first Helena, where she was sunk during the war with Japan.

Pictures donated by
Danver Tarin [canoe sailor DD447]

USS Helena CA-75
Date and place unknown
(donated by Dennis Kuhl 10 February 2003)


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