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The following picture copied from an 8 X 10, U. S. Navy Press Photo.
Found on Ebay.
Permission to copy and post here, provided by nky-photos. Please visit their web page.
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The USS Stickell (DD 888) and the USS Helena (CA-75), being re-fueled while sailing with TF 77 in 1953.
The hull number of the Oiler is unknown

The following picture provided by PN3 Tony Gomez, "X" Division, USS Helena CA-75, 1959 - 1962.
Off the California coast 1960

The following two pictures were taken when the USS Helena CA-75 was berthed in San Diego, CA
At the foot of Broadway.

Permission to post picture found on eBay. Visit their web page to see more pictures.
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Same picture. Different angle.

Scanned and saved from our USS Helena CA-75, Cruise Book, 1957.
Thanks to Shipmate RM3 Vic Brelje. OR Division, USS Helena CA-75, 1954-1957.


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