MS Poelau Laut first found in USS Helena CL-50 War Diary on 20 July 1942

MS Poelau Laut ( a Dutch Vessel)

MS Poelau Laut PQJS / PGTS 27/28 December 1928- 19 June 1959.
Construction Order: 27th July 1927. NV Dutch Shipbuilding Myself., Amsterdam.
Building number: 189.
Invitation to tender: f. 4,194,612, -
Dimensions: 149,36 x 18,59 x 11,20 m.
Machines: Gebr.Sulzer AG, Winterthur. 2 tew 8Cil.diesel engine.
Verm./Snelh .: 7,040 epk. 1 screw. 14 kn.
Type: Cargo ship with passenger accommodation.
Kiellegging: September 1, 1927.
Stack of goods: July 27, 1928.
Delivery: 28 December 1928.

The ship was named after the island of Laoet in the Indian Archipelago, on the southeast of Borneo.
It was designed by Ir HNPrins. She left for her first trip to Dutch India on January 9, 1929 from
Hamburg and on January 18th from Amsterdam. The ship arrived in the Java Pacific Line in
1940 to be used initially for transportation for the British War industry. That is why a 4 inch
cannon was placed on board in 1941. Refurbished in September 1942 in San Francisco to a
cargo carrier and left for its first trip on October 20, 1942, for United States War Shipping
Administration (US WSA) to Townsville, Cairns and Brisbane. In January 1943 returned
to San Francisco for further adjustments. On January 28, 1943, departed to Espiritu Santo,
Noumea, Melborne and Brisbane. During WW II more than 300,000 sea miles were traveled,
mostly in the Pacific. The last trip for the US WSA began on 13 August 1945 via Pearl Harbor
to Eniwetok. In November 1945 again available to the Steamvaart Maatschappij Nederland,
but initially underwent prolonged engine repairs in Los Angeles, which only resumed the service
at Tandjoeng Priok until mid-October 1946. In 1948 returned to old state, with accommodation
for 54 passengers. In March 1959, she was sold to Hong Kong to Dah Chong Hong before the
demolition. Arrived there on 19 June 1959 after which the MS Poulau Laut was demolished.




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