Pictures furnished by Charles (Bill) McClelland. USS Helena CL-50

Betty & Bill McClelland on their 63rd Anniversary. March 9, 2007

Charlie's 82nd Birthday on 16 October 2005.

Seventeen year old Betty Brinkman McClelland
and Eighteen year old Bill McClelland
June 1942 Holding Hands

Agnes (Betty) & Charles (Bill) McClelland
March 9, 1944. 60 years ago.

Seventeen year old, Charles McClelland ,
USS Helena CL 50, on liberty in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Summer of 1941.

Charlie McClelland, left. Jim McClelland, right.
Two USS Helena CL 50 crew members.
Big Mac & Little Mac make their first liberty together
in Honolulu, Hawaii on March 10, 1941.
This was on a postcard that never was mailed.
Just the date was recorded on the back. Charlie

Marvin Mayo, FC3c, USS Helena CL 50, F-Division.
This picture taken when Mayo was still a seaman in 1941.
Marvin "Red" Mayo was killed on Sunday morning December 7, 1941
at Pearl Harbor from burns and gun shot wounds when the
USS Helena was hit by a Japanese torpedo and strafing.
Mayo and I were in the same division.
The person with Marvin may have been his dad.

Lewis (Buddy) Cox, and McClelland.
Both in the "F" Divison on the USS Helena,
USS Houston and USS Missouri.
New York City 1944

Photo taken in Jan. 1940 of the USS Helena CL 50
on Shake Down Cruise Buenos Aires, South America.
My brother, Jim McClelland aka "Little Mac", 7th from right,
leaning on the rail. Next to Jim is George Yellak, holding
onto the post. 9th from the right is Joe Donato, arms folded
on rail and hat cocked on head. Gus Ferrera is next to Joe.
13th from right is Adrian Fortenberry, one hand on rail with
hat cocked.
All from the "F" Division.
Note, on the far right, two sailors in Dress Whites.
Dress Whites were discontinued soon after.

From right to left:
S1c Gilbert Clark, S1c Donald Leonard, S1c. Charles McClelland
and FC3c Robert Powell. Picture taken at the Paris Inn in
San Diego. September 1943 after the CL 50 was sunk.
Clark now lives in California, Leonard in U.P. of Michigan,
McClelland in Florida and we lost track of Powell.
The three of us still keep in touch.

Great Lakes Naval Training Station
December 1940.
L. to R
A.S. Clarence Lipke
A.S. Chester Miller
Both died December 7, 1941 on the
USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor
A.S. Charles McClelland USS Helena CL 50.


Two USS Helena CL 50 crew members.
On the left 3rd class FC James "Little Mac" McClelland
and S2c Charles "Big Mac" McClelland his brother.
Both in the F Division.
Picture taken in in the summer of 1942.
Both were wounded at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
Big Mac returned to Helena until it was sunk.
Little Mac was assigned to shore duty in San Diego.