Kobe, Japan
Japanese flags courtesy Free Gifs & Animations

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Two typical Japanese girls visited the ship while we were in Kobe. They were the Sea Queen, dressed in traditional raiment, and Miss Port of Kobe. They were greeted with flowers and taken on a tour of the ship which included the pilot house and the galley,

(Black and white pictures copied from the Helena's 1956 cruise book. Colored pictures provided by Dave Brouchoud).

Picture taken from high on a hill above Kobe, Japan.
September 1953.

Dave Brouchoud
Kobe, Japan 1953

Shipmates Rosy, Curtis JW & Russel
Kobe, Japan September 1953

Fred Greene
Kobe, Japan September 1953

Dave Brouchoud
Kobe, Japan September 1953

The crew attends church service on the fan tail.
Kobe, Japan. September 1953

The following three pictures copied from the "Helena Review" 1953 cruise book

All were welcome!

The young and old came to see the Helena

Only 10,000 yen

To see more picures of Kobe, Japan click HERE.


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