Diamond Head Luau
Honolulu, Hawaii

Come experience Waikikiís newest Luau!
Located on a grassy oceanfront lawn at the Waikiki Aquarium, the Diamond Head Luau is within walking
distance of all the major attractions, such as Waikiki Beach and major hotels.

Upon arrival, you first have the chance to walk through the Waikiki Aquarium and learn about a variety
of marine life (aquarium admission is included). Outside on the beachfront lawn, you can participate in
different island arts & crafts and dancing. Learn how to make a lei or a head band, get a Polynesian tattoo
(no worries, itís temporary and can be washed off), or learn a Polynesian dance.

The activities are followed by an authentic luau buffet dinner featuring Hawaiian-style foods, including
poi (a Hawaiian staple made from taro), island fish and kalua pork. After dinner, sit back and enjoy
traditional songs and dances of Hawaii and other Polynesian island nations.

The Stage

Oceanfront Location

Dance Performers


Luau Buffet Dinner



Luau Band

Dance Performers


Luau Dinner

Luau Desert



Do not try this at home unless there is an ambulance and a fire truck available.

We are wondering, how did Doug manage to be with the same girl in three different places?
Answer is below the pictures!

Those three different backgrounds were a surprise when we were given the pictures the next day.

There was only one photo taken and the rest is magic.
Pretty quick magic because just our tour group had at least 70 people and the place was packed.

When Doug was asked how he liked the Luau, he said: "This old guy's eyes got quite a workout that evening".
And your tummy too?

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