Seaman 1st Class Kenneth E. Graff
USS Helena CL-50
24 December 1941 - 6 July 1943

This plaque was on a list of items donated by my Aunt Elaine Graff Lowell
to the Republic County Museum in 1990.
His medals were on this same list but I could not find the plaque.

Recently an email came from the museum to let me know that the plaque has been found.
There was a lot going on, with all types of events at the museum,
and I figured back in June (2014) that this would never be found.
However, once the staff got back to their normal routine,
they spent some time looking through all their boxes of military donations.

Rather special people and they have really gone out of their way to help me.

Permission to use these images, granted from the

Republic County Historical Society Museum in Belleville, Kansas.

Thank You "Republic County Museum".

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