H Division. 1951

6th Division. 1949

OI Division. 1954

front row L - R:
Snyder, EW; Rice, ED; Woodward, WL; ENS TT Brown; LTJG DK Harrison; LTJG OF Leslie; Dodge, RH; Love DR; McGrath, MR; Merz, TC.
second row L - R:
Cooper, WM; Reynolds, PR; Walter, FE; Brouchoud, DJ; Fulbright, HD; Van winkle, GL; Green, FJ; Merenda, LJ;

third row:
Fuller, GG; Wagley, MD; Curtis, JW; Williamson, WC; Hewit, DE; Akin, RA; Marcum, DW; Schweintz, JH; Zerilli, J.

OR Division. 1954

front row L - R:
Somers, EF; Graper, UG; Reeves, JW; Delehanty, WJ; Fagan, GB; ENS JT Butz; ENS HK Laverty; Ziemke, E; Densmore, DL; Walters, BL; Christppher, LR.

second row:
Smith, BC; Kennedy, LB; Esler, EW; Bahr, JJ; Jolley, CC; Bowen, HK; Shultz, CR; Foisy, RA; Hickman, BG; Kennel, DG; LaFrage, WC.

"Mike" Division.
Picture taken on 13 June 1946. Somewhere at sea

Picture provided by Richard Connolly
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Back Row L to R Standing
Burch Matz Dunn Kocum Black Frenk Malloy Albee Lacko Fraser Gonzales
Center Row L to R Standing
Kornagay Gulley Connolly Epstien Aqurilina Moore Flint Laivo Badham Creamer Hartford Kroft Koroly
First Row from Rear L to R Seated
Redman Fill Goodwin Long Reynolds Pember Shiton Mercaoante
Squating in front from L to R
Woodward Barnett Gessini Brown Orsino Schmitt