Thanks to
Charles (Bill) McClelland
for this poem.
USS Helena CL-50
"F" Division S1c
9/39 - 8/42

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To the Marines of WW II
by Charles (Bill) McClelland

From the waters of Pearl Harbor
to the Islands of Japan.
They fought in many battles
and on the Beaches of Saipan

From the Guadalcanal Jungles
and Iwo Jima's black sand,
from the Okinawa Mountains
they took away their land.

And in the Blue Sky's above
in their airplanes they flew.
They shot down many
a Zero's crew.

On the battleships and cruisers
they helped man the guns at sea.
Just to keep all those
at home happy and free.

We saw them train and fight
under every condition.
Like all the Marines before them
they had a proud tradition.

Now when you see them in their
uniforms looking so neat
I'll tell you that they are
United States Marines and they can't be beat.