Page updated on 2 March 2012

The following index contains pictures of the USS Helena CA-75, 12 foot long model, located at Great Lakes, IL

For information please contact: John O'Gorden, Instructional Systems Specialist, Navy Training Support Center GREAT LAKES, IL
Building 3 (Room 206), 847-688-5454 (ext 153), Verizon Cell 858-761-4778

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USS Helena PG-9 comes alongside USS Helena CA-75.
The CA-75 is a die cast model of a Baltimore class cruiser. It is 1/700 scale. (The CA-75 only had one crane aft)
The PG-9 was found on eBay and is hand crafted. Unknown scale.
Actual sizes:
The CA-75 is 6 1/2 inches long
The PG-9 is 3 1/4

Plastic model of the USS Helena CA-75
in 1/350 scale