T H E   C O M M I S S I O N I N G

    The Order of the Navy Department

      To Commission the Ship                         The Commandant

    The Commissioning

        The National Anthem

        The Hoisting of the National Ensign,

          Jack, and Commission Pennant

        The Hoisting of Personal Flag

    Invocation                                       The Chaplain

      Rear Admiral Felix X. Gygax, U.S. Navy

        Commandant, First Naval District

    Acceptance of Command                            The Commanding Officer

    Set the Watch                                    The Commanding Officer

      Honorable Maurice J. Tobin

        Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

      Honorable John J. Haytin

        Mayor of the City of Helena, Montana

      Captain A. H. McCollum, U.S. Navy

        Commanding Officer

     Presentation of Awards

                   Rear Admiral Felix X. Gygax, U.S. Navy

     Pipe down                                        The Commanding Officer


Commission Picture

Commission Program

Inside 1

Inside 2