S1 Division

Disbursing Clerk

Ship's Serviceman


A Navy pay receipt from the early 1950s.

S-1 Division plays an important part in the lives of each of HELENA's men each day on board. They not only buy for us and sell to us, but from them comes the very money which we ourselves use to exist. From nuts and bolts to highly technical repair parts, everything we use every day comes to us through the men of S-1 Division. From 25 storerooms comes a ready supply of 28,000 items ready for issue at any time.
To serve us, S-1 men man the two retail stores, the soda fountain, tailor shop, cobbler shop, two barber shops, and vending machines. Providing at lowest cost both necessities and luxuries, the ship,s Welfare and Recreation Fund neverless received almost $13,000 in the past year from profits of the stores and vending machines.
Disbursing personnel pay us, exchange our money into the various currencies used in the Far East, pay travel claims, and provide many other services for the well being of the ship and her crew.
S-1 men are skilled in their specialties, and the ship well appreciates the excellent work they do.

From the 1951 Helena cruise book

From the 1959 - 1960 Helena cruise book

From the 1958 - 1959 Helena cruise book

From the 1951 Helena cruise book

From the 1951 Helena cruise book

From the 1951 Helena cruise book

S-1 DIVISION. . . . .
all we have or ever hope to get . . . comes from the mysterious depths of GSK

From the 1951 Helena cruise book


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